Two Excellent, Cheap WSOs on Using High Ranked Sites, Links and RSS

If you’re a member of the Warrior Forum, you probably already know that a WSO is a Warrior Special Offer. If you’re not a member, and you’re doing any kind of Internet Marketing, you need to join, it’s free. Although I would read up on each WSO thoroughly before you part with your money, there are some excellent deals to be had.

I’m not making any money off of these two recommendations, and, as always, I actually bought and use these products. The first is only $7, and the other is a subscription at $5/month, so they’re not exactly expensive. Also, if you’re just starting out in Affiliate Marketing, and are struggling to get traffic to your site(s), these two products will be extremely useful. Even if you do have a bit of experience, I still believe you’ll benefit greatly by having this information available.

The first is called Backlink Bully. It gives detailed information on using high-pagerank sites to use for backlinks. The author, Mark Dickenson, did his research and offers some very good videos that show exactly how to leverage the power of some Web 2.0 sites to boost your site’s rankings. He also goes into using RSS, so it’s not just dropping links.

The second is a monthly service from Angela Edwards. She also puts in a lot of research so you don’t have to. For a mere $5/month, she delivers 30 sites per month where you can drop links to your sites. These aren’t some junky directories or blogs, but high pagerank sites (PR6 up to PR10) that will offer some real value. The first month is free, and I was impressed with the first batch of sites that I received.

I’m not going to give any kind of detailed review here. If you go to the corresponding WSO threads, you’ll see that both of these offerings are very popular, and I don’t remember reading any comments about anyone not being totally satisfied. Both authors monitor their threads daily and are quick to reply to any questions.

Are You Using WordPress Sites – You Need the FlexSqueeze WordPress Theme

Do you want the best WordPress theme available ? Of course you do – see below.

In case you haven’t seen the FlexSqueeze WordPress theme, you have to check it out. You’ve probably heard of the Flexibility theme (now Flexibility2). It’s extremely popular and easily one of the best WordPress themes that I have ever used – plus it’s FREE !!flexsqueeze-wordpress-theme-image

Ok, that’s all well and good, but it gets better, much better. FlexSqueeze is basically the Flexibility2 WordPress theme with a lot more customization options, but the big one is the ability to create awesome sales squeeze pages nearly effortlessly. These aren’t some lame, just ok pages either. These are the kind that immediately suggest a professional site when a visitor lands on them. Just remember that thought you’ve had when you’ve landed on poorly constructed sales pages, blogs or any other site. It doesn’t exactly have you reaching for your wallet !!

It reminds me of one time when I somehow landed on this guy’s blog when I was searching for a writer. His sales copy was rife with misspellings !! THIS WAS A WORDPRESS SITE WITH THE LITTLE SPELL CHECKER BUILT-IN !!


You can turn any WordPress blog page into a custom sales squeeze page without messing around with external files or FTP uploads. The sidebar magically disappears and you have a nice clean space for online sales or promotion. FlexSqueeze comes with built-in squeeze page header images that are selectable in the theme options. You can also upload (within the theme) your own custom header images. It even allows you to set your squeeze page and blog title and tagline seperate from the rest of your blog !!

Squeeze page settings (page colors, width, fonts, header image, title,  navigation, footer, etc. are all independent from your main blog, so you can have a completely different look for your squeeze page!

Ryan, the product creator has also included an awesome collection of great graphics to customize your squeeze pages (or any other pages for that matter) with. There are over 250 beautiful, professional graphic vector-graphics-imageimages. Also, if you’re well versed in Photoshop and Fireworks, there’s an editable vector graphics pack available.

There are also separate skins available for FlexSqueeze that allow you to change the page theme in just seconds.

I’ve had FlexSqueeze for maybe 3 weeks now and I’m still blown away by the power and ease of use of this incredible product. Whether you’re wanting to create a custom blog with a squeeze page or just a single sales page, it’s extremely fast and easy.

Ryan is taking suggestions on new skin themes also (in his forum), so the flexibility will continue to grow. Of course you can easily create your own from scratch or by using existing images or ones from or a comparable site.

You know what – I really can’t do FlexSqueeze justice by just typing a blog post. Head over to Ryan’s site and take a look at the fantastic FlexSqueeze WordPress plugin for yourself. There are some great videos that show off how easy FlexSqueeze is to use, and there are even more tutorial videos that will have you up and running in no time flat after you get FlexSqueeze.

When you’re at Ryan’s site, actually read the copy about the FlexSqueeze WordPress theme. This isn’t just a theme that allows you to simple add a different header image on separate pages, this bad-boy is POWERFUL.

There are 2 different options available for purchase – the single site license, and the try-to-fill-up-the-Internet-with-your-FlexSqueeze-WordPress-theme-sites (unlimited) option. Not that you’ll need the advice, but I’d definitely opt for the unlimited sites license. There’s no way that you’ll be content with building a single site after you see the capabilities of FlexSqueeze.

Oh, in case you’re already using the Flexibilty2 theme, it’s about a 3.2 second proposition (after you install FlexSqueeze) to transfer the custom theme settings to your new FlexSqueeze installation.


So, now you know what the best WordPress theme available is. What are you waiting for ?

XSitePro2 – A Very Good Testimonial for a Great Piece of Software

If you’ve ever read this blog before, or even if you haven’t I guess, you’ll know that I absolutely love XSitePro2. I was hesitant to buy at first, mainly because I hadn’t seen the product advertised a lot. I would occasionally see an ad on a blog, or maybe in a forum post signature, but never did I see it to the extent of say, Dreamweaver.

Which leads me to my next points. For the money, I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t be pleased with the quality and capabilities of XSitePro2 versus Dreamweaver. I realize Dreamweaver is considered the industry standard, but for what I’m interested in, XSitePro2 fills the slot perfectly. It’s less expensive than Dreamweaver, much easier to learn, and does everything I could ask for.

If you know you need Dreamweaver for whatever reason, then by all means, buy it. If it’s a compatibility thing though, XSitePro2 does have an export to Dreamweaver function that could be just what you need.

This isn’t a tutorial on XSitePro2, or even any kind of features list, but if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, easy to learn, powerful, WYSIWYG website builder, XSitePro2 could be exactly what you’re looking for. With it’s excellent support, updates and user’s forum, it’s a real value and great addition to any marketer’s toolbox.

Oh, the testimonial I mentioned wasn’t my own, but this one from PV Advisor, a well respected U.K. publication. I believe it sums up XSitePro2 very well.

In case you don’t go to check out what PC Advisor has to say, here are a few quotes:

Getting a good-looking site up and running within minutes is
very simple

Where XSitePro 2.0 really stands out is by applying this ease
of use to a wide range of additional features which, if coded by
hand or created using Dreamweaver would be considerably more

This is one of the most pleasant to use interfaces for web
design that we’ve encountered

Having used this software for quite a while now, I have to agree with every comment made.